Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekend Recap

So I wanted to recap the weekend:
Friday: I made the most amazing steak dinner.
Flank Steak: Marinated in Dales low sodium for about 30 minutes, S&P each side, cook medium
Sauteed Onions and mushrooms in olive oil
The very best part about the meal: Blue Cheese sauce: about 1/4 (maybe a little more) cup blue cheese, 2 tbsp butter, and chives melt together
Topped the steak with the Blue cheese sauce and then topped with the mushrooms and onions!
It was one of the best meals I've ever made.
Side: sauteed veggies in olive oil

Jordan and I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday night.
Saturday we got up and hit golf balls. I practiced my chipping and putting.
We then decided to WASH THE ENTIRE HOUSE. Yes, you heard me right. We got out the bucket, hose and brushes and WASHED OUR ENTIRE HOUSE TOP TO BOTTOM. I had every intention to pay someone to do this, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It looks sooooooooo much better.

Saturday night, we were exhausted from all the house stuff, so we stayed in and watched more Olympics.
Here are some pictures of my BOYS!!! Seriously LOVE THEM!!!

I mean precious!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Cindy Lou!!!

Today is my little sister's birthday!!!!!
Happy Birthday to the most amazing sister in the world. My sister is one of the most precious and important people in my life. I can't imagine my life without her. We have been best friends since day 1. She is such a kind, generous, SMART and easy going person. She would do anything for a friend. We love to travel together or just sit on the couch and drink wine. We can spend all night on skype just sitting and talking as if we are in the same room. We both went to Auburn, so we LOVE football season! We don't get to see each other as much but when we do we pick up right where we left off as if we had just seen each other yesterday. I'm so proud of the amazing, strong and beautiful woman she has become over the years! I love you Cindy Lou!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012


I'm going to go on a little bit of a rant this morning. This whole chickfila thing is not only ridiculous but illegal. Chickfila is by far one of the best run American companies in the world. Their food is awesome. They have amazing customer service, friendly employees and do so much for their community. I have a couple problems with the mayor of Boston and Chicago. First: Have you ever been in a chickfila????? You will be greeted by some of the nicest people you would encounter all day. Second: You are discriminating because you don't share the same beliefs. Third: How dare you decide for YOUR citizens they can't have a business in the community because YOU don't agree with the CEO of the company. Fourth: You idiotic mayors probably don't need to be mayors because it's against the CONSTITUTION to not allow a business because you don't agree with the beliefs of the CEO. Last Time I checked we live in AMERICA. Last: BRAVO chickfila for standing up for what you believe in and not backing down or giving in to criticism. I love Chick-fil-a!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New recipe

I got this recipe from my friend Michelle. I have been looking for something different to cook besides chicken and veggies. It's so easy and delicious And......easy cleanup Crock pot burritos 3 or 4 chicken breast (if frozen cook longer) 1 can black beans drained and rinsed 1 can corn 1 package of reduced fat cream cheese 1 can rotel ( I did the Mexican style one) 1 package of taco seasoning ( I used the reduce sodium one) Cook 4-6 hours if chicken is thawed Cook 6-8 hours if frozen Stir occasionally Yep that's it!!! Serve on taco shells, tortilla shells or even just lettuce if your watching those carbs! Seriously easy and good!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Air Conditioner

So this morning around 8:00, our air conditioner started making this awful noise. My words to the air company were: "It sounds like it it going to blow up". They informed me that they were pretty busy today but  they would try and fit me into the schedule. I decided I didn't want to burn the unit up, so I just turned it off and waited for them to come. They finally arrived around 4:30 to have a look at it. As first glance, they informed me that the motor would need to be replaced and that could take a day or a week!!!
Me: "I'm sorry did you say a day or a week!!"
Air man: "Yes, this is an older unit and if we can even get the part it can take that long or we may just have to replace the entire unit."
Me: "Ok, how much for a new unit"
Air man: "Let me make a call"
Me thinking to myself: "Sure, you make a call. I'm just dying to know how much for an entire NEW UNIT!"
Air man just calming and nonchalantly said: "Ok, we can replace the whole thing for $4200. Do you want to just replace it?"
I have to say I almost thought I was going to have a mini breakdown right there in front of him.


At this point I'm literally have an mini drama meltdown in my head. I calming excuse myself to call Jordan. I did not calming tell Jordan what was going on. After a little bit of a rant, I went back outside to talk to the air guy.

He then explained to me that he can replace the motor for a few hundred dollars. What did I want to do?

Ummmmmm...........let me think about this. Do I want to spend $400 to fix the problem or $4200 to fix the problem. I think I'll go with the $400, but thank you so much for the option.

Fortunately our air is still working until they get the dang thing fixed! Geez I hate home ownership sometimes.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Golf Lesson

So for about FOREVER, I've been talking about taking golf lessons. Golf is one of those sports you can do for a LONG TIME. It a great sales tool in the workplace and something Jordan and I can do together well into our old age. So............... I finally decided I wanted lessons. Jordan, being the reasonable one this time, said I couldn't go buy all this golf stuff until I figured out if I actually like golf. Ok, that does make sense although I was ready to buy all kind of stuff (I mean they would be awesome deals because I never buy ANYTHING FULL PRICE) but I wanted it all. I'm kind of an  ALL OR NOTHING kind of gal when I get something in my head I want to do. I decided to buy a groupon for 3 private lessons for $120. That is an awesome deal I tell you and not having to try and listen to Jordan teach me makes it even better.
I did splurge on a couple golf things: a new 50 SPF visor (I am the king of sun protection these days-had you met me 10 years ago you wouldn't believe me) and a moisture wicking golf shirt. It's about 150% humidity in Nashville right now so normal clothes do not work in the heat. I already had the Nike skirt (gift from my fabulous MIL she got me for running) Anyways, I was all dressed and ready for my golf lesson. 


I mean, professional!!! Right?!?!?!

The golf lesson went great! I can't wait for my next one and to finally be able to play soon. My first assignment is learning to hold the club CORRECTLY, chip and putt. 
I HIGHLY suggest lessons if you are wanting to learn golf. It's kind of like skiing. It's kind of miserable if you don't know what you are doing and a total waste of money.

Friday, July 20, 2012


So we ended this week on a great note: Jordan and I are DEBT FREE!!!! (Except for our house, of course)

Since Jordan and I have been together, we have been BUSTING our butts to pay off his truck, student loans and our newest kitchen renovation. We have SAVED, SAVED, SAVED while still trying to pay our bills and save for retirement. We have had to cut back not really do at all: Fancy dinners, Shopping trips, Multiple Vacations, Big Birthday/Christmas presents. We have stayed on a budget and it sucked really bad sometimes, but we couldn't be more excited!!!

I am so proud of what we have done in such a short amount of time. It was definitely a team effort!
Congrats to US!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bad Day and Trip to Home Depot

So yesterday, I had an horrible day at work. It was a combination of all kind of things and finally I just hit my  breaking point. I think I probably cried at least 4 time throughout the day (in the privacy of my car). Poor Jordan got yelled at because I didn't think he was being "understanding enough". So, I did what any other person would do when they are having a shitty day. I went and got WINE!!!! I then went home and picked up my dog (because he makes me happy) and went to Home Depot. Ollie LOVES Home Depot and I needed a few things to hang the cabinet in our bathroom. He was such a hit at the Depot.

We are still working on the car riding thing. He doesn't mind short rides, but after about 20 minute he starts to get anxiety again.

Yes that is Ollie in a buggy at Home Depot

He decided he didn't like his crate anymore
We call this his "Elvis Look"

Oh I forgot to mention, I had to go to Walgreens and take an RX for  Ollie for Zoloft!! Yes, I  had to take an RX for my dog to Walgreens. I felt so ridiculous but they assured me this happens all the time. This is suppose to help with the long car ride anxiety. 

Also, I have to give props to my amazing and sweet husband. I was not a fun person yesterday and he just let me cry, scream, cry, scream, cry again until I felt better. He then went and picked up Sushi from our favorite place for dinner so there was no cooking or cleaning! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guest Bathroom Mirror

Since we have moved into our house, I've hated our guest bathroom mirror. I have been on the lookout for the perfect mirror to replace the UGLY ONE for 2 1/2 years. I swear I have probably brought home at least 10 mirrors. When I was in Atlanta, Michelle and I went hunting for one. I figured why not????? I had not had any luck in Nashville, so maybe Atlanta would offer something new. WE FOUND THE PERFECT MIRROR!!! You know when you find just the right thing and then the price makes it so much better. Well, this mirror was not only the perfect size but also a very unique color to go in my white bathroom. And......... it was only 30 DOLLARS!!!! You can't not buy it when it's only 30 dollars, right!?!?!?!

Here are the before pictures

Like any good "Chrissy and Jordan DYI project", we found a surprise when we took the old mirror down.
Honestly, we just laughed because we find this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME in this house. 
What we found behind the mirror
Seriously!!!! They just covered the holes up with theold mirror, so what did we do????
We did the same damn thing. :) Although our mirror is WAY BETTER, so it was ok to just cover it up. 
What do you think????



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And there was LIGHT

Sorry I missed yesterday on the blogging! After starting this blog, I fully appreciate those people that can do this every single day. Geezzz, it's like a full time job.
Things have been pretty uneventful around here lately so my blog has not been very "Dramatic". Have no fear though, Jordan and I have a couple house projects coming up which I'm sure will be delightful!

Weekend Recap:
It rained again all night Friday and all day Saturday, so we didn't do much of anything. I actually worked on cleaning up my gmail. It appears after going through 4 phones last year I had all my contacts saved 4 TIMES!!!! It took all day, but I finally got all my contacts somewhat organized. Hopefully, the next new phone everything will just transfer over nice and easy.

Sunday: We had LIGHT!! After almost a week of rain (that we needed), it was sunny finally Sunday. Sooooo...... of course what did Jordan want to do?????? Yes, We  Jordan did yard work. I helped a little but not really. I told you I absolutely HATE yard work. I tried to cut the grass and lasted 3 minutes.

We also watched Golf again! I will say I'm getting really into it now. I should start my golf lessons on Sunday!!! I'm not even sure what to expect, but it should be interesting.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kind of a boring week

This week was pretty uneventful. It rained all week which was awesome!!!! We needed it so bad but of course now our weeds are OUT OF CONTROL. I'm sure Jordan will want to pull weeds this weekend, booooooooooooo. Like I said before, I absolutely HATE pulling weeds. The roofers did finish up this week with the gutters, so we are the proud new owners of a 2012 roof and gutters.

One thing exciting did happen this week. I got a haircut!!!!! You know when your hair seems just fine and then one day you wake up and it's just horrible, it's long, it wont style, nothing works!! Ok, you might be thinking, so what? I just don't get my haircut that much because it feels like it's so expensive. Well, I have figured out that MY DOG gets a haircut once a month and it's MORE EXPENSIVE THAN MINE. Also, my husband gets his haircut more than me and it's more than mine. That being said, I'm treating myself to a haircut more often!

I did take more pictures of my baby this week! He loves his green dog! I swear I never thought I would be this crazy. I made fun of people that did this crap.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wrap up

Saturday, we went to the outlets and scored some major deals! We had such a great time shopping and just hanging out. That afternoon we played with Gates outside. We went for a walk and even played fireman! Gates and I raced almost the entire neighborhood, so I was exhausted by the end of the night!!

Gates fixing his car. 

playing fireman

We finished off the weekend with a glass of vino on the front porch. It was one of the best weekends I've had all year. I am so lucky to have Michelle in my life!!!!