Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend Jordan and I went to Dauphin Island, AL for a nice relaxing ( but short) weekend. We had an absolutely fabulous time hanging out with my parents, eating awesome food, enjoying cocktails, and soaking up the sun. Getting to DI was another story. For those of you that do not know, DI is located just south of Mobile, AL. It's about 7 1/2 hours from Nashville, so it' makes for a VERY long drive. It becomes an even longer drive when you have a CRAZY  dog. Now, I have become very attached to my little angel Oliver.
Looks like a little Angel doesn't he?

 Some background: As many of you know, I didn't want a dog and I was not very pleased when Jordan "surprised" me with a dog for Christmas. I was actually pretty pissed to be perfectly honest and tried to give him back on a few occasions. Puppies are A LOT of freakin work. Anyways, I now  love the little guy.........except when we get in the car. It appears our dog has car anxiety and it's bad.
The first time we realized he had car anxiety was the last time we drove to Mobile. It was an absolutely miserable drive to and from Mobile and we thought it was just a puppy thing and he would grow out of it.
We really thought this trip would be different. I had his crate that he loves and even gave him his allergy medicine that makes him sleepy.
We get in the car and start the drive and everything seems to be going pretty well. We are about 2 hours into our drive and it starts.............. Oliver's car anxiety consists of heavy panting, whining, and pacing. For the next 5 1/2 hours we had to deal with this crap. We have tried everything: Benadryl, his allergy medicine, 2 different crates, toys, etc. None of these things work and somehow all that anxiety doesn't make him tired either. He does this the entire drive down and again on the way back. We are calling the vet to get some real meds for the next trip because I'm not sure we will make it the next time.
Some other fun things that happened on the our trip: My hub cap flew off on the last 5 minutes of our trip, the boat got stuck on a sandbar and we had to be pulled off by another boat, and I stepped in hot, gooey gum on the way back.
Here are a couple other pics from our trip.

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