Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving because ALL our family comes to Nashville! It's such an awesome week of  food/cocktails/spending loads of time together. Every year it gets harder and harder to say bye when it's all over. Jordan and I are SOOOOOOOOOOO EXTREMELY BLESSED for all the things we have and for our amazing family.
This year was a little sad because my Cindy Lou wasn't here.
My parents arrived on Tuesday, so we got to spend a little time just me, Jordan, mom and dad.
Jordan's mom, dad, stepmom, stepdad all arrived Wednesday. We had dove poppers and deer burgers for dinner. Mom and I slaved over the dove poppers and they turned out great.

Cut the breast off the dove and marinate in Dales for at least 30 minutes

Wrap the breast around cream cheese and jalapeno peppers

Wrap in bacon
Grill until the bacon is cooked.

YOU MUST WATCH THESE LIKE A HAWK. The bacon grease will catch the grill on fire in a heartbeat.

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