Monday, November 5, 2012

Taco Soup Recipe

Now that the weather is getting a little colder, I LOVE making stuff in my crock pot especially taco soup. I think taco coup better than chili, so I'm always making it.

Here is my recipe:
Line crock pot with crock pot bag!! (Have y'all figured out how much I love crock pot bags)
Cook 2 pounds of meat ( I use deer meat but you can use turkey burger/hamburger with 2 packages of taco seasoning. I use 1 1/2 packets on the actual meat and then pour the other 1/2 packet in the crock pot
Saute 1 onion, 1 green bell pepper, 1 orange or red or yellow pepper in olive oil
In crock pot combine:
Onion mix (you don't have to have the bell peppers)
Rest of the taco seasoning packet
2 packages of ranch dressing packets (I would only use 1 and then 1/2 of the next package)
1 can of black beans, red beans, kidney beans, pinto beans (drained and rinses)
1 can of corn
1 can of stewed tomatoes (mexican style)
1 can of rotel tomatoes with green chilis

Let cook AT LEAST 4 hours on high. You want everything to mix and cook together really well. I suggest the longer the better it taste. After about 4 hours on high, let it sit warming.

Top with cheese, fritos, sour cream or plain greek yogurt.

It freezes well and last all week for leftovers.

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