Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Ok so if you haven't figured out by now: Jordan and I are freaking LOVING the Olympics. We watch it every single chance we can. I mean we have watched some crazy stuff. This weekend we watched Woman's   Weight Lifting, Woman's Weight Lifting?!?! Um, let me tell you it was sooooo exciting. We have been chanting USA! USA! USA! for days now. Ollie doesn't know what is going on when we are jumping up and down and start screaming at the T.V.

So this is the conversation we had the other night.

Chrissy:  It's kind of crazy these "kids" are competing in front of the world and then most of them are "retiring" in their mid 20's!

Chrissy: That means at age 29, I would be a retired Olympian.

Jordan: Then I guess that would make me a coach

Chrissy: HAHAHA, I guess so.

Team USA has been awesome! So proud of these amazing athletes. USA! USA! USA!

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