Monday, August 27, 2012

My Solo Trip with Ollie

A few weeks ago, I decided to make the trip to Mobile all by myself with my Ollie and his car anxiety. We finally got him a Rx from the vet for anxiety medicine to help. Well, the medicine only partially helped with the anxiety. We made it about 30 minutes outside of Nashville before he started freaking out again. Thankfully, I packed some benadryl just in case. Between the benadryl and anxiety medicine, we were able to make it to Birmingham pretty drama free. I mean, he still wont "chill" in his crate, but at least he wasn't driving me crazy with the crying and panting. He would sleep but only in my lap.
It's really fun to drive like this for 8 hours

We broke up our drive and stayed in Bham to see 2 of my best friends: Ellen and Whitney. Whitney and I had a late night drinking wine and talking. We had such an awesome time catching up (Ellen was sick, so she didn't get to join us). I love stopping and seeing these girls any chance I get.
Ellen and Whitney

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