Friday, August 31, 2012

The Monday after

The whole weekend was a success. We had a great time, but I was ready to get home. The drive home was about the same as the drive down. So during our trip, I noticed Ollie was scratching A LOT, but I kept checking him for fleas and didn't see any. Sunday night, we let him sleep in the bed because we just give in to our little baby sometimes. Monday morning I noticed he was scratching more and more, so I check him again. I finally see a flea and freak out because he is on 2 different flea medicines every month. I give him a bath and yep: FLEAS EVERYWHERE!!!! I am freakin out now because he has never had fleas and I don't know what to do. I get another flea medicine from the vet that day and it's suppose to kill anything on him (yes, that would make 3 different medicines). I also start washing EVERYTHING IN OUR HOUSE. I mean I wash every blanket, our comforter, our sheets, our clothes, and all our towels. I then wipe down the entire house with Clorox wipes and vacuum everything. It was miserable!!! Oh and then I sit and pick Ollie for almost 2 hours until every last flea is gone. Did I mention this was a Monday, so of course I'm trying to deal with the craziness of Monday work also. 
So, Jordan comes home from work and he had been in the woods all weekend getting ready for hunting season. He is also scratching everywhere. Turns out he was COVERED IN TICK AND CHIGGER BITES. When I say covered, I mean it looks like someone attacked him with a red marker. I then had to check my husband for ticks. And yes, I found ticks on him. Btn checking Ollie for fleas and Jordan for ticks, it was a horrible Monday. Brad Paisley didn't know what he was saying when he wrote the song: "I wanna check you for ticks". Trust me, you DO NOT WANT TO CHECK SOMEONE FOR TICKS. 

Just to make sure we got every last flea, Ollie got a haircut that following Tuesday. .

Next week our Boston Trip Recap!

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