Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boston Day 2

Boy was Day 2 LONG. We walked the entire Freedom Trail on Sunday. You have to do this if you visit Boston because there is so much to see. It took us all day because we stopped A LOT along the way to do a few tours, have a couple cocktails, and explore.

Brunch at Beantown Pub

This is the only place you can have a cold Sam Adams while looking at  "cold" Sam Adams

Sam Adams grave across the street from Beantown. "Cold" Sam Adams

We did a tour here and learned more about the Boston Massacre 
Just a side note here: Turns out being dramatic goes waaaaay back. The whole Boston Massacre was way over dramatized to get everyone upset and it eventually helped start the Revolution. If it wasn't for a little drama, we may never have become the United States as we know it.

Having a beer at the oldest bar in America: Bell in Hand

We had absolutely AMAZING WEATHER while we were there. It was high 70's and no humidity.

Bell in Hand

Downtown Boston

Dinner at Milas


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