Thursday, September 6, 2012

Boston Day 3

Day 3: We had lunch with some of Jordan's  family friends. We then took the train to Cambridge to see Harvard. That night we had a nice dinner at Chart House on the water. Jordan and I have realized though that you just don't have to pay a lot for good seafood. The place was really nice, but we waaay over paid for  just "ok" seafood. I guess being from the gulf kind of spoils you in the Seafood department. From now on, we are sticking to steak when it comes to nice places.

Our lunch place right behind our hotel

Streets of Cambridge

Just a modest: 2 Bed/2 bath for $4800  A MONTH IN RENT

Having an afternoon beer on the porch in downtown Boston

Dinner at Chart house: The drinks and app were amazing. The food was "ok"

Chart house

This was on the water looking at downtown

Tomorrow I will recap our last day in Boston. :(

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