Monday, September 17, 2012

Not a whole lot going on right now

After what feels like a month of being out of town, the last few weekends have been uneventful, and this is on purpose. Last week was a little busy with a birthday party and my girls bunco night. It was a nice surprise to have Ellen in town for the night for a work trip. We went to a CD release party for Easton Corbin.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing house hold things and watching football. It's becoming extremely painful to watch my beloved Auburn Tigers play, but at least we did WIN! Saturday night we went to the UF alumni bar to watch the Gators vs. UT. I only stayed for half the game because evidently you can smoke in this bar and it literally made me sick. I actually think that is why I felt bad the rest of the weekend. I mean, who still smokes in bars???? It's so freakin disgusting and just ruins your whole experience. I guess this was an 18 and up bar because it's against the law to smoke in bars in Tennessee if children will be present. I got one good pictures before I had to leave. 

Sorry the blog is going to be lacking the rest of the week. I have a big work conference I have to attend at the end of the week/weekend, so I'm going to be busy getting ready for that. 

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