Friday, October 19, 2012

Marty's wedding weekend

A few weeks ago, we traveled to Richmond to celebrate my BFF, Marty's wedding. It was an great weekend filled with all kinds of awesomeness with so many of my very best friends in the world. It is so awesome to see 2 people share their vows and start their lives together. We had a blast which you will see from the pictures.

We arrived Thursday night and the fun started as soon as we arrived.
Friday morning, we were treated to a fabulous Bridesmaid luncheon which I have NO PICTURES. I'm not sure where my camera was but I have none. It was filled with great food and some really great bridesmaid presents! Marty treated us so well!

Friday night: Rehearsal Dinner.
Bridesmaid and Bride

Loved the Auburn/Georgia Pride: Bride: AU grad and Groom Georgia grad

Hello Awesomeness

Delicious Food

More of the bridesmaids and AU girls

Me and My amazing hubby!

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