Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bad Day and Trip to Home Depot

So yesterday, I had an horrible day at work. It was a combination of all kind of things and finally I just hit my  breaking point. I think I probably cried at least 4 time throughout the day (in the privacy of my car). Poor Jordan got yelled at because I didn't think he was being "understanding enough". So, I did what any other person would do when they are having a shitty day. I went and got WINE!!!! I then went home and picked up my dog (because he makes me happy) and went to Home Depot. Ollie LOVES Home Depot and I needed a few things to hang the cabinet in our bathroom. He was such a hit at the Depot.

We are still working on the car riding thing. He doesn't mind short rides, but after about 20 minute he starts to get anxiety again.

Yes that is Ollie in a buggy at Home Depot

He decided he didn't like his crate anymore
We call this his "Elvis Look"

Oh I forgot to mention, I had to go to Walgreens and take an RX for  Ollie for Zoloft!! Yes, I  had to take an RX for my dog to Walgreens. I felt so ridiculous but they assured me this happens all the time. This is suppose to help with the long car ride anxiety. 

Also, I have to give props to my amazing and sweet husband. I was not a fun person yesterday and he just let me cry, scream, cry, scream, cry again until I felt better. He then went and picked up Sushi from our favorite place for dinner so there was no cooking or cleaning! 

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