Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Hot!

I'm sure most of y'all know it's freakin hot right now. Nashville has hit record highs in the 100's this weekend and we haven't had rain in almost a month. I'm trying really hard not to complain but it's hard to do anything when it's this hot. We spent the majority of the weekend inside not doing much of anything. We did have a date night on Saturday which was so much fun. Jordan and I rarely go out to eat, so it was nice to have someone else cook my food. :)

Date Night

I spent a lot of the weekend taking pictures of my precious Ollie. As many of you know, I never ever wanted a dog. I was pissed when Jordan "Surprised" me with a dog for Christmas, and I tried to give him back numerous times. I'm border line obsessed with my Pooky Bear. I can't help it he is so damn cute and has such a personality. I get compliments on him all the time. He LOVES TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION.  I mean LOVES IT. Go figure I would have a dog that loves attention, just like his momma!

I am spoiled rotten!

So Cute!

I have such a hard life

Waiting on Daddy to get home

I also won a battle with the carpenter bees that have invaded our front porch. Jordan and I have been "AT WAR" with Moles and Carpenter Bees since we moved into our house. We have had many battles, we have won some and we have lost some. The weekend was a definite WIN. I'll have to blog about that all later. 

One of the casualties of war

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