Friday, July 6, 2012

The Mole War

They met................
They fell in Love..............
They got Married..................
They bought a House................................. M#%@$% F#$%@@C##$#S#$#@@

We definitely have a LOVE/HATE relationship with our house. I mean a house can and will drain you emotionally and physically (MONEY). There are some days I just LOVE MY HOUSE and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I love my front porch and my kitchen (post on that later). I HATE that things can/will go wrong all the time and the YARD. I do not like anything to do with the yard! I don't like yard work, pulling weeds, cutting the grass, laying mulch, bagging leaves. I can't stand any and all parts of it. We have been working on our yard since the beginning: can imagine my reaction the first time we saw the Moles had made a disaster of our new mulch and yard work.

These pictures are not our yard, but what it looks like when moles have invaded.

Nashville is known for Moles and we have tried everything to kill them: We have officially been at war with them from the beginning:
Jordan has been very passionate about the moles. He got online and bought special traps and read everything he could about them.

I read all kind of "home tricks": putting Brillo pads in the holes, juicy fruit gum in the holes, trying to drown them out with a hose..........  We have tried it all. The traps do work, but only if you can catch their current tunnel.
I think the moles just made Jordan snap one night. I woke up about 5:00 am and Jordan was getting dressed. I thought maybe he was heading the gym or something and he told me he was going "Mole Hunting" I honestly thought he was drunk. I was like "You are going to do what?????, it's 5 in the morning!!!!"
See moles start making their tunnels real early in the morning, so Jordan thought if he caught them on the move he could kill them.
He was Successful!!!!!
A Dead Mole!!

We also started putting Lime in the yard (the guy at Home Depot said Lime would help keep them out of the yard and it's only about $5 a bag, so why not). We haven't had nearly as many moles this year, but there is NO WAY to tell what has actually worked. :)

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