Monday, July 23, 2012

Golf Lesson

So for about FOREVER, I've been talking about taking golf lessons. Golf is one of those sports you can do for a LONG TIME. It a great sales tool in the workplace and something Jordan and I can do together well into our old age. So............... I finally decided I wanted lessons. Jordan, being the reasonable one this time, said I couldn't go buy all this golf stuff until I figured out if I actually like golf. Ok, that does make sense although I was ready to buy all kind of stuff (I mean they would be awesome deals because I never buy ANYTHING FULL PRICE) but I wanted it all. I'm kind of an  ALL OR NOTHING kind of gal when I get something in my head I want to do. I decided to buy a groupon for 3 private lessons for $120. That is an awesome deal I tell you and not having to try and listen to Jordan teach me makes it even better.
I did splurge on a couple golf things: a new 50 SPF visor (I am the king of sun protection these days-had you met me 10 years ago you wouldn't believe me) and a moisture wicking golf shirt. It's about 150% humidity in Nashville right now so normal clothes do not work in the heat. I already had the Nike skirt (gift from my fabulous MIL she got me for running) Anyways, I was all dressed and ready for my golf lesson. 


I mean, professional!!! Right?!?!?!

The golf lesson went great! I can't wait for my next one and to finally be able to play soon. My first assignment is learning to hold the club CORRECTLY, chip and putt. 
I HIGHLY suggest lessons if you are wanting to learn golf. It's kind of like skiing. It's kind of miserable if you don't know what you are doing and a total waste of money.

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