Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oliver: Very Bad Dog

 I've been talking about my little Ollie as being so precious lately, well let me tell you he is not always so precious. First off, he is a total drama queen. Weird??????? My dog is a drama queen??????? He always has to be the center of attention, HATES being locked out of rooms and will run at the drop of a hat into the street. So today I'm going to tell y'all about this new thing he does when we are in the shower. At first, I thought it was kind of funny how he would poke his little head over the edge of the tub while one of us was takes a shower. I thought maybe it was his "hating to be locked out a room thing".
That WAS NOT THE CASE. Ollie evidently LOVES MY RAZOR (not Jordan's just mine) and is always on the look out for it. The other day he timed it perfectly to snatch it JUST AS I'VE FULLY SUBMERGE MYSELF IN WATER AND TAKES OFF RUNNING. I mean he KNOWS he is not suppose to do and takes off to the kitchen.
My Razor at the back door where he takes all his toys to chew
 Being the crazy momma I am, I figure he is going to swallow it and/or cut himself, so I jump out of the shower after him. I am running through the house in my towel (soaking wet) trying to catch him and punish him. He knows he was bad, so he is running all over the house. I mean this dog is smart and fast, he is ducking behind chairs, hiding under tables, and takes off for the bedroom because he knows I can't reach him under the bed. I try to catch him at the door, but he is just too damn fast. Once under the bed, I can't get him. He stays here until he thinks I'm not mad anymore. 
He has also figured out this is the best place to go when he doesn't want to be put in his crate.

This dog has such a personality and keeps us on our toes!

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