Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thinking about others

 I know it's been pretty miserable out there this past week with the heat. I can't help but feel guilty sometimes complaining about it since we are so blessed to have a nice cool house to escape this weather. I would encourage all of you to think about those that are not so lucky this summer. Jordan and I found a wonderful Christian organization about a year ago that helps those less fortunate, and we try and donate whenever we can. They sent out a newsletter a few weeks ago asking for donations because there were so many homeless that didn't have a place to go and the summer is a low time for donations. We always think about donating around the Holidays, but kind of forget about it when it's summer. We are worried about vacations, BBQs, the beach, the lake.......... All of these things are wonderful and fun, but if you have a minute please check out this website and consider making a donation or find one in your area.

$28.00 FEEDS 15 PEOPLE!!

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