Thursday, June 28, 2012

Low Fat Snacks

I swear I am always on some sort of diet. I always find it hard to find something to snack on that is actually good. Here are a few things I've found lately that seem to work very well: Low fat, low calories, full of protein/vitamins and satisfies that salt and chocolate cravings:

Magic Pops: I love these things!!! I get the onion flavor and use them in place of chips. They are great with Hummus and only 15 calories!!! It satisfies my salty/crunchy cravings.

Hummus: 2 tbsp-50 calories
This is my favorite brand

I am on an avocado fix right now. I put these on everything: salads, sandwiches, and in Omelets!!! Yes Omelets and it's amazing. They are a great power food. I eat these just as is all the time too. Homemade guacamole is a great snack as well.

Almonds: You have to be very careful with almonds because they have a lot of calories in them. You should only eat about 11-15 at a time for a snack and they should be raw/non-salted. They are a great snack food and are loaded with good for you stuff.

Luna Bars:
This is a new one for me, but they really are good. They are great for afternoon snacks, if you need to miss a meal, and full of protein.

Imitation Meat: 3 sticks is 90 calories

Turkey Pepperoni:

Mini Rice Cakes:

Almond Butter: Much better for you then peanut butter and great on apples

And when I need that major Chocolate and Salty Fix.................... I have 2 or 3 of these things. DELICIOUS!!!!!! These are so freakin good and about 16 calories a piece.

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