Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't buy cheap

Since I have been married, I honestly feel that my life is consumed of laundry and going to the grocery store. I started looking at our budget and our grocery bill is insane. In a effort to save money, I've tried going the "cheap" route on some items. I do consider myself a pretty thrifty shopper, but there are certain things in life you just can't buy cheap. I have tried them all and in the end it will always cost you more because you have to buy twice as much or it just doesn't taste the same. I've also attempted to start this whole "coupon" thing to save a little extra money. I got really into it and then stopped. I'm going to try and attempt it again and I'll post on the progress and if it really does save that much money.
Here is my list:
Any type of soda product: Coke, Diet coke, Mountain Dew, etc

Liquid laundry detergent, liquid dish soap, liquid dish washing soap, Drain-O, etc. There is a reason it's cheaper and it's because it's as thin as water. You end up using twice as much of the stuff. The off brand Drain-O doesn't even work in my opinion. Pay the extra 3 dollars for the expensive brand.

Toilet Paper: Enough said! Seriously, don't even put it in your guest bathroom, it's just rude: I am very passionate about this one.

Paper Towels: I will only buy Bounty and I only buy White. You have to be careful with the printed paper towels because the colors will bleed sometimes on to whatever you are using the towels on.

Cheerios: I have tried the off brand numerous times and it doesn't taste the same or last as long.

Wheat Thins: I know random, but I swear the off brand doesn't taste the same.

Peanut butter:

Pre-packaged Sliced Meats: This is actually a new one for us and it was even my husband's suggestion. There were a few occasions when he bit into something hard in his turkey and you never want something "hard" in your sliced turkey-gross. I usually buy whatever Boar's head as on sale each week and it's about the same price and taste so much better. They also have low-sodium items which is really good.
Reynolds Wrap:

And Finally: Beer! There is no excuse for buying cheap beer after college. :)

Sorry but Natty Light is just gross and we are not broke 21 year old college kids anymore. My husband brought some home the other day in an effort to "save" a couple dollars. Seriously?!?!?!?! I know we want to save money, but that's a little extreme. If, I'm going to drink that many calories, I at least want it to taste good.

Also, if you are not using "Green Bags", you should. They hold about 4 plastic bags worth of stuff, much easier to carry your grocery's, and they don't bust on you.


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