Thursday, June 21, 2012

Optimist vs. Pessimist vs. Realist

At our Sales Meeting, we had a big speech from our CEO about being Positive! Being a positive person brings more sales and to not associate yourself with negative co-workers. Negative co-workers bring you down and complain and make you complain. I started thinking: Am I negative????? I mean I do complain A LOT about work! I've been accused of being negative at work before, but does that reflect in my everyday life??

I really don't think there is a better way to describe myself than the picture above: I'm a Realist.
I don't necessarily consider myself a positive person, but neither a negative person. I just don't know if there is another way to describe it but realism. I look at each and every situation as having a "realistic solution". I don't know if that comes from being a Type A, growing up military, planner kind of background, but that's how I see it.

After these sales meetings, you want to come back with a POSITIVE attitude!!!! A real PUMPED UP FEELING TO CONQUER THE WORLD, CRUSH YOUR COMPETITION AND SUCCEED!
This is a great video!

So after this week, I started to look at my job, my life, my blog: Am I a positive person??????????
Do I look at the glass half empty or half full? I see it half empty and half full.

My blog is all about the Real Stuff that happens in life: The good, the bad, and the UGLY

but does it come across as Positive or Negative.

I definitely don't want to be considered a negative person but I want to be Honest about what happens in every day life, share the real story of Life, marriage, dogs, budgets, house projects, laundry, money, WORK, etc......

I have decided I want to have a better attitude and look beyond is this realistic. I'm soooooooooooo  blessed for EVERYTHING GOD has given me and need to be THANKFUL EACH AND EVERY DAY FOR IT. I want to change my attitude about a lot of things.

I will, however, continue to tell my story honest and true. Personally, I think I  have a gift of not being afraid to tell the real story. Life can be really hard and it's nice to know you are not alone in the world. So, I'm not sure if my blog will change at all, but I'm excited to have a new outlook.

What a great quote for someone like me!

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