Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Bucket List

Bucket list updated: I have one to add/change a few things to my bucket list. I know it may seem pretty lofting, but I'm a "think big" kind of person.

Here is my bucket list! I wanted to write it down for myself, so I can keep up with it. Also, anyone can feel free to help me achieve anything of this list. :)

Top 25 things on my Bucket List
1) Find an amazing man that I love beyond words and want to spend the rest of my life with
2) Start a family
3) Move to a big city after college (Nashville is a big/little city!)
4) US Travel: San Diego, Boston, DC, New York, Chicago, Austin, Maine, Wine Country, Alaska, Charleston, 
5) Tour Europe- If I have to pick just one country, it would Italy
6) Write a book
7) Be a guest star on Fox News (maybe to discuss my book, haha) I LOVE FOX NEWS!
8) Go to one of the Major Golf Tournaments
9) Cook with Paula Deen
10) Host a Holiday at our house
11) Build our dream house with my dream kitchen
12) Learn to sew
13) Get into politics-become a Mayor
14) Go on a ski vacation
15) Start a blog
16) Take a class/Learn more about wines
17) Learn to play golf
18) Buy hunting land for Jordan
20) Start a charity/non profit or be the director of a charity (involved in food, nutrition, working out. I've very passionate about healthy eating and working out. America is in a lot of trouble with obesity and healthcare, we have to change!)
21) Start my own garden-including a herb garden
22) Put together a cook book of all my favorite recipes
23) Go on an African Safari
24) Swim with Dolphins
Last and Certainly Not Least:
25) Study the Bible more- growing up in Christian schools I was always learning about the Bible. I need to re-connect with all those wonderful stories and be able to share them with others whenever possible!

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  1. Why don't you set the bar high honey, gosh!!! I especially think you should work on #18 & #19 very quickly:) I think we can knock of some of the US travel bucket list pretty soon.