Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alcohol and Work

Ever since I can remember, I was always taught to not mix work and pleasure. Now let me explain what I mean, I definitely feel like you can be friends with the people you work with because it's important to connect with your co-workers. Having a happy hour is a great way to let loose a little  but I've never wanted anything I do outside of work to anyway reflect on how people think I can do my job. Meaning: Anything that happens when you have had a little too many cocktails

As I mentioned before, I have been going to corporate sales meetings for 7 YEARS now. They are all usually the same:
Nice Hotel with pools (pools are key here):

Long/All day meetings starting early and no real breaks:

Open Bar at the end after a long day:

The Open Bar is when things seem to really go south. JUST BECAUSE IT'S FREE DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE A HIGHER TOLERANCE.  Now, I have definitely had my fair share of cocktails in the past, but I have always tried real hard to limit my drinks at work functions mainly because:
1) I've always needed my sleep
2) I get HORRIBLE hangovers
3) Social Media will re-tell your night over and over and over again. People love to post your embarrassing moments and show your co-workers and even YOUR BOSS!
I went to bed every night around 10, so I wasn't able to experience all these first hand but I did get to see some of them!
1) Make out session at the pool in front of EVERYONE:

2) Falling backwards in your chair, in your cocktails dress into the pool:
3) Jumping in a Hot tub in your cocktail dress

4) Getting security called on you for doing handstands in the hallway at 3:00 in the morning
5) Telling people your an opera singer and then singing for them???? Really?????
6) Tell your regional VP this company is LUCKY TO HAVE YOU!

In my opinion, it's just not a good idea to over indulge at company gatherings because people WILL Be Talking about you the next day and might be blogging about it the next week!

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