Friday, June 1, 2012

Photo Recap of April and May

Oliver graduated Puppy Class! We were so proud! 

One of my very best friends, Whitney, came to visit with her son, Hudson. This was Oliver's very first experience with an 8 month old. He did Great!!! I also learned my house is far from baby proof.

Jordan and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! Instead of the traditional gifts, Jordan gave me clothes (that I bought) and I gave him a weekend of turkey hunting free of all nagging. I think it was the best present I could ever give him. 

My baby!

I traveled to DC to visit my sister, Cindy Lou. We rented bikes and rode all through DC on bikes and it was awesome. I highly suggest doing bikes because you can drop them off at any station, walk around and then just pick up a new bike when you are ready to go somewhere else. It's so easy and cheap!

This is the view from my sister's awesome condo. That is the downtown DC.

During my trip, we traveled to Richmond to celebrate my BFF, Marty's wedding shower! It was Kentucky Derby themed.

Me and three of my very best friends in the world: Cindy Lou, Ellen, and Marty 

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