Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When I go out of town...

When Jordan and I first got married, he made this big "to do" one time about how he used to be on his own for years before me and knows how to take care of himself. This all came from a discussion we had about how I feel like all the house stuff I do is taken for granted. Jordan tried to tell me that he used to do it all and it wasn't "that big of deal". Boy have things changed in 2 1/2 years. I usually take care of all the grocery shopping, cooking, meal planning, and laundry which is absolutely fine because I don't mind, but I want to be appreciated for ALL THAT STUFF.

Usually when I go out of town, I make sure he has plenty of groceries, already pre-cooked meals ready to eat, fresh towels, laundry done, make sure the dog is taken care of, stock the fridge with beer for the weekend. You know, make it like I was here. Best Wife ever, right!

So the last time I went out of town, I decided to teach (do a little experiment)on  what I call: "Chrissy needs to feel appreciated lessons". I didn't do any grocery shopping, didn't make any meals, just left town. I wasn't gone 3 hours and I get this txt: No exaggeration, it was 3 hours!
"Please never leave town again without fixing me food or at least going to the grocery store"
"I have nothing to eat, NOTHING"
"You told me once that you were a big boy, I'm sure there is some bread and peanut butter" "Make yourself a sandwich"
"Ok, you made your point, please never do that again"

Mission accomplished!

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  1. The point was not that I can't take of myself, but you do a much better job:)