Monday, June 18, 2012

Week/Weekend Recap

Last week, I was at our National Sales Meeting in Phoenix. If you have never been to a National Sales meeting, boy is it a treat!. I've worked for 2 large corporations, so I've experienced these things every since I started my adult career 7 years ago (geez, 7 years already!). Anyways, I always feel like I learn something even if it's not exactly what they intended me to learn. I also got a new manager last week, so that added to the adventures. I'm gonna recap the events and some lessons learned.

1) Finding out you are going to meet your new manager the day of your 3 1/3 hour flight to Phoenix

2) NO matter your age: Excessive alcohol will make you do stupid things. Free Alcohol + Long Days + Knowing you don't have to drive + Pools =  beyond stupid things.

3) Nothing good happens after midnight

4) Being Positive vs. Being Realistic

5) My opinion on the best airlines to fly

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