Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meeting my new manager

So last week, I learned I was getting a new manager. Naturally this can be a pretty scary thing when you are in sales (especially medical sales) and all these thoughts run through your head.
1) Is he going to like me?
2) Is he going to want to keep me?
3) What does he expect out of his new territory?
4) Is he going to be a micro-manager?
5) What kind of reports will he make me do?

In the meantime, I am leaving for my national sales meeting last week as well. So, my new manager calls me on Tuesday and asks when I will be arriving at the sales meeting, so we can meet and talk about the territory. I tell him early on Wednesday and that I'll be on the 6:30am SW flight from Nashville to Phoenix. As luck would have it, so is my new manager!!! Oh boy!
Of course my new manager is on my flight, so naturally the stress sets in.
First: On Southwest, you can pick any seat on the plane, so you have the option to sit with whoever you want, so..... Do I sit by him?? I mean it's a 3 1/3 hour flight, what will we talk about? I guess I can't read my trashy magazines in front of him, right?!?!?
Second: It's a 6:30 flight, so I have to be up at like 4. I had every intention of showing up in my PJs and no make up, but now I'm meeting my new manager for the VERY FIRST TIME. I have to look nice, but still it's a 3 1/2 hour flight at 6:30 in the morning. I'm not going to wear a freakin suit for crying out loud. I agonize over the decision and finally decide on jeans and shirt: Comfy and Presentable!

I've never met him but have an idea of what he looks like, so I get to the gate and wait. I look around and just can't seem to pick him out. Our flight ended up being ahead of schedule, so we boarded very quickly which left me no time to meet him before our flight, darn it!! :)

We ended up meeting up at the luggage check in and obviously during the course of the meeting.

I will report that I'm very excited about my new manager. I think he is going to offer a great new perspective to the territory and I feel good about the change..................................................................... hopefully!

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